Monday, December 20, 2010


nativity for mother

pulling a needle out of the eye/worship/in your head

bunny jam


it feels like the season/mistletoe

where three become two become one


girls in the forest

sometimes you want to run or there are so many running voices in your head but you have to wait/endurance.

during a critique at school, my teacher would ask us to identify our strongest and weakest pieces. often the pieces we thought were weakest were what he thought were the best.
I think sometimes we don't like what we don't recognize.. allowing, accepting something outside of ourselves, something foreign and new, into our selves.
the danger of the comfort zone.
give me open eyes to recognize those things I don't understand that are good for me
give me an open heart towards those things that require my pliability in order to accept


  1. hey beautiful girl.
    beautiful work.
    and thoughts.

  2. as usual.
    but hey you can't just do that amazing thing and then put 'doodling' beneath it. it's kind of offensive to all us doodlers out there.

  3. "pulling a needle out of the eye/worship/in your head" is awesome! The eyes and posture of everyone are great.

  4. Hey Ms. SA,
    Thanks for your kind comments.. honored that you'd come visit my blog!

    Dear Mikel,
    I like the idea that all art is some form of doodling.. ideally.. perhaps?

    Dear Matt -
    Thank you! I like the phrase on your profile, "contemplation as gardening".. really nice :-)

  5. yeah i'm just looking for new ways to flatter you is all

  6. Hey Ms Cline,
    These are rocking.
    Love your lines and characters.
    I came across you stuff at
    All the best.