Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new book!

I finally finished a new book!


"Three Stories" is available at Quimby's and Chicago Comics. Check it out!

Here are some other sketches from recent days:

end violence against the peoples.

end violence against women.



  1. Ahhhh, is it on sale online?????

  2. Great work Lisa! You were always sweet and talented

  3. Hello Lisa. I evacuated from Tochigi few days ago and I will be staying in Kyoto for a while. 別に逃げる必要もなかったんだけど、my father was afraid of the nuclear plant in Fukushima.. 私も仕事があるからすぐ戻らないといけないんだけど、とりあえず無事なことをここに記します。また近いうちに手紙を出すね。

    Love, Ami

  4. Ami! I don't know if you'll get this message, I hope you do. Thanks so much for letting me know how you are, I kept thinking about you, wondering if you and your family were ok. 無事でよかったです。Is your whole family in Kyoto? You guys are all in my thoughts & prayers. Love you too and looking forward to your 手紙。本当に、色んな事で気を付けてね。I'll be thinking of you. Much love & thanks again for your message.

  5. Hi Lisa! This is your cousin Susana. I just found your blog and I'm fascinated by your artwork. One of my favorites is please save our souls" for the varying concentric lines and unsettling feeling it evokes. I am eagerly anticipating for your books to arrive in the mail =)
    On a more serious note, I hope your parents are doing well. I am constantly thinking about them when I read the news regarding Japan. Please send them my prayers and well wishes.