Saturday, September 11, 2010


i think mozart knew what heaven sounded like
or heaven moved through him
because i think his music is genuinely transcendental
it's like this pure jubilance that we can't put emotion or description or name to, it defies all definition,
i think it's music as light
it's sound as light and it takes you away
it makes your mind light
and you're seeing light
and you feel light within you
i just can't understand it because i'm so not used to heaven, living on earth here
i just gape and bask in it, i'm just questioning it in its brilliance


  1. Your thoughts about life and death as one are making me think. I cannot grasp this concept though. When I read this, I think of a modern form of Seppuku or a Martyr. I don't think this is what you mean though. Is it?

  2. I like your new work! It is very metaphysycal and transcedental, just like some of the thoughts you put in addition to it...Reading them reminded me a little of the movie "The Fountain" ("Death is the road to awe..."). Have you seen it? And you are absolutely right Music and Art are making us aware of the light we carry within.Keep going this way.


  3. You're brilliant. (:

    That first image is my desktop background right now.

  4. Hey lisa these are beautiful drawings. I had never seen your drawings before. way back when, maybe a few little doodles on tiny pieces of paper. i cant remember.