Tuesday, August 10, 2010

recent thought forms

I spent the last month sloooowly working on a cover for a comic I did last semester - you can now pick one up (and maybe even purchase it and take it home!) at quimby's and chicago comics! horay!

In other news, here are a bunch of sketches made over my month long absence from blog-world:


  1. oh gosh Lisa, I love all of these. What a talent you are. looking at them makes me feel like I'm on top of the quietest mountain.
    I'm in New York- I relayed your hello to all of the fam which sparked a twenty minute long conversation about how good of a person, and how nice of a houseguest you are. See you soon

  2. ah emily, thanks so much for generous kind words -- that family is so wonderful. I hope they're all doing well and that you're enjoying your time there as well. looking forward to seeing you soon too.

  3. Hi Lisaboo :-)

    This is your Aunt Anonymous! I love your artwork. It's provoking and so interesting.

    Btw, since John and I don't live in Chicago, how can we buy your comic book? We'd love to read it and pass it along.

    Take care! We love you a whole big bunch.

  4. Lisa, I wish I had limbs like some of your characters. Weird, wild stuff once again.

  5. kiiiielll I'm glad you like their limbs.. by the way karl has a new show up!