Monday, July 18, 2011

some oil paintings

led to still waters

led to green pastures

flow/in the zone

cross-section of my head


comes toward you raising a snake

i dreamed i was following a horse

alien in the dark

fighting is a struggling over bones

these are all oil paintings on canvas. i haven't painted in oil in 6 years and i never thought i'd use them again. some of the latter ones i feel iffy about but i posted them anyway. the ones at the top are the ones i worked on first.. then a sort of jumbled mixed up order.

also, i haven't posted in a very long time because i've been working hard to make some sort of living in the real world. it's felt unbalanced between working hard with my body outside my house and not doing much art or focusing on the internal world- sorta like running only on caffeine and sugar. i haven't gotten much artly sustenance lately so i plan to get back into that, more.

thank you for your patience and for your time in reading this post.
much love
lisa cline


  1. ah lisa i love the inside of your brain and all that comes out of it

  2. aw thanks mikel hope you're doing well, miss you tons

  3. I truly love you. Also, these are heart, it breaks.

  4. hey lisa! these look great! do you mind if i make a small thumbnail out of one to use on the blog for chromazoid? also, i can no longer open the fiels that you sent me long long ago, im sorry this project is taking so long to get off the ground but its finally coming to fruition, would you mind sending me the comic pages again? i apologize for the inconvenience! hope to hear from you soon!

  5. hey lisa! have you seen our kickstarter for chromazoid?

    please send to friends and relatives! we are trying to raise money for printing! people who pledge get the book or other comics or tshirts in return!

  6. Lisa -- I love your work. Can John and I commission a piece? We can talk sometime. Hope your body and mind are well. Love, Betsy

  7. Oh my gosh I love your color works! Love the lovers painting especially but love them all!