Monday, November 1, 2010

images from japan most recent to latest

some sort of seductress/femme fatale/watch out caesar!

i was riding my horse but someone was watching me and it felt awkward

imminent doom but why are you looking so calm woman

leaves from outer space/alien leaves

i don't think you can pass through here/oh i meant no harm

please save our souls/but they are mockingly amusedly watching

here is some water/please no/but i must

pet the feed the zoo bear/maybe someday you will be free

hmm/watching/this is how i often feel when i'm talking at a table

watch out man/woah man

mixin'mixin' and the waiter

out of the woods came a wizard with a cookie

being gentle helps brings the birds

feeling lonely with the birds despite open window

hey man check out our noses man/whats with our noses man what what?



  1. Hi Lisa, Once again your sketches evoke feelings deep within that you allow to surface. I love looking at the details. It's like taking a walk along the same path and noticing and feeling something new each time. Love, a b

  2. lisaaah, do you have any copies left of your two comics that you've made? Could I send you a money order or something? a price? a donation? a letter? in exchange for a copy of those books of yours?- LALE

  3. I wish we could travel together again.

  4. Lale - I'd be glad to do some sort of art exchange for my two books, add me on facebook or something and we can talk details. (I tried to find you but can't, for some reason.)

    Emily - We can always make it happen..

  5. dear scott - thank you!
    dear russ - happiness only real when shared